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2 min read

How Neobank is Rethinking Conventional Credit Decisioning

Credit underwriting was once more art than science, with individual bank loan officers examining each application....

2 min read


Big news today from the Alloy team - we're thrilled to announce that we have raised $40 million in Series B funding! 


2 min read

Using Omnichannel Banking to Better Serve Customers

When you hear “omnichannel banking,” you may think it’s just another way of saying “digital banking.” As banks already...

3 min read

Leveraging Surges in Digital Banking While Mitigating Risk

There’s a joke bouncing around the Internet about what the COVID-19 pandemic means for companies’ digitization efforts....

2 min read

Alloy + Idology Providing Multi-Layered ID Verification

New York and Atlanta — July 09, 2020 Alloy, a best-in-class identity and risk-decision platform, announced today a...

1 min read

Alloy + Sentilink: Partnering to Combat Synthetic Fraud

SentiLink, a provider of identity verification and fraud detection solutions, and Alloy, an identity and risk...

2 min read

How Alloy + Middesk Supported SBA Lenders During the PPP

“It’s not every day that you get to lean in and help solve the crisis you see flashing across CNN. The stakes were...

5 min read

Community Banks & Fintechs: Lessons From The Past Decade

Alloy was built on the vision of creating a more dynamic and accessible financial industry, by helping financial...

2 min read

Transitioning Our Team & Company Culture to WFH

At Alloy, we’re incredibly thankful to be in a business that we can operate completely remotely with no service...